FlowMattic is a WordPress plugin that helps you automate your workflows and save valuable time for more productive work. You can do it right within your WordPress dashboard. FlowMattic is built to be a no-code required plugin, that means, you can create workflows without needing to write a single line of code. A workflow is a process of doing things automatically with number of steps using different actions you want to perform. Workflow can be a combination of multiple application steps.

Let's check an example. Say, you have a contact form on your site, and it is submitted to your email. Then, you copy the submitted data to your Google Spreadsheet for easy access to your team members. Now, FlowMattic plays a vital role here of automating these things. What you need to do is - create a workflow with the contact form submission as a trigger, which will start the workflow execution after the form submission is made. The next step will use the Google Spreadsheet application to insert the data into your preferred Google Sheet. Once you are done with it, just publish the workflow and sit back! FlowMattic will handle every form submission and add it to your Google Sheet automatically. This will save your valuable time and you can spend it to focus on more important tasks in your life or business :)

The above workflow is just an example. FlowMattic can help you integrate 100s of WordPress plugins, 3rd party applications, and websites with your WordPress site and do automation for your daily tasks. 

Get started with FlowMattic today! FlowMattic has an inexpensive pricing structure that no other plugin or platform can offer! We are updating the plugin every day with new features and new apps.